Our Vision

The bold and bright Unity Place is unmissable, directly opposite MK Station Square and built with community and collaboration in mind, open for the public to enjoy! Unity Place is an active destination designed to support the community and local area.

Our Urban Food Market is a hub of different street food vendors, including Rye's Deli, serving a menu of sandwiches, light bites and coffee.  We are also home to the renowned Dipna Anand’s Kitchen and Bar, which offers authentic Punjabi and South Indian cuisine.

But Unity Place offers more than just delicious dining. Visit ROK Barbers for a trim, grab essentials from our Corner Store (Spring 2024), or satisfy your sweet tooth at the Baker’s Room (Spring 2024). And don't miss the rooftop at Unity Sky Lounge for cocktails with a view, British tapas and Sunday roasts.

For those seeking a productive environment, our partnership with X+Why provides flexible co-working spaces, while our Santander Work Café offers co-working desks and meeting rooms alongside banking services.

Join us at Unity Place where community, cuisine, and collaboration come together seamlessly.

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Unity Place understands the need for contemporary, flexible workspaces that are brought to life by the energy, ideals and passion of those working and visiting here. Creating areas buzzing with business activity alongside places to meet, share and socialise for a healthier, happier future. 

Our Community Hall (Coming in 2024) has been built to offer a vibrant and inclusive space where wellbeing, community engagement and sustainability come together in unity. Our mission is to support local community initiatives which foster community values and support social causes and cultural projects in Milton Keynes. 

Our co-working partner x+why offers award-winning flexible workspaces which unite like-minded businesses, inspire them through community, collaboration and culture. 

Social enterprise is at the heart of Unity Place and is reflected through our partnerships with businesses such as Change Please Coffee and TOAST Beer that have a clear purpose of giving back to the community. 



At Unity Place, sustainability is central to our mission. We employ various eco-friendly measures to reduce our environmental impact and foster a responsible community. Our initiatives include rainwater harvesting, solar panels, indoor plants, and energy-efficient lighting, making us a zero-carbon facility with effective carbon offsetting. Surplus bread from our Baker’s Room is repurposed onsite in our microbrewery, minimizing waste and creating delicious beer for our community.

We prioritise sourcing high-quality seasonal ingredients from local suppliers, minimizing food miles, and supporting the local economy. Our location near Milton Keynes Central train station encourages active travel, reducing carbon emissions.

Our building runs on green energy, utilising air-sourced heat pumps and over 400 PV solar panels on the rooftop, offsetting 40 tonnes of CO2 annually. We implement closed-loop recycling systems onsite and collaborate with suppliers to reduce packaging and single-use plastics.
We also collect rainwater for reuse in flushing toilets and watering plants, demonstrating our commitment to sustainable water management.

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