• 08.05.24

Introducing the friendly faces of Unity Place's Guest Services Team: Ula, Polly, and Olivia. These dedicated professionals welcome guests on the ground floor at Unity Place, providing top-class service and creating a warm, inviting atmosphere.

Fun facts about the team

Ula: I am fluent in 4 different languages. 

Polly: I have run 19 marathons across the UK and Ireland 

Olivia: I love the Sky Lounge and the views it has to offer over the city; my favourite cocktail must be the Passionfruit Martini!

We asked the team some questions about Unity Place and their job roles

What is your favourite part of working at Unity Place?

It is exciting seeing small local businesses thrive here in our Urban Food Market, we have loved seeing how much the Unity Place has changed since September, and we love to watch it grow every day. We also enjoy looking after all our colleagues across the entire building as best we can. 

What is something you wish guests knew about Unity Place?

Did you know the exposed concrete isn't just a design feature but is a way of maintaining optimum temperature all year throughout the building, we think this is impressive!

We wish people knew how many more exciting features Unity Place will have to offer in the future. There is so much to look forward to for both the public and building staff, the Community Hall, The Bakers Room and The Corner Store (A frictionless supermarket), the list is endless. 

What’s your favourite memory from working at Unity Place?

Back in March the guest services team held a 3-day event for International Women’s Day, members of the public and building staff were invited to a meeting room within the Work Cafe to share positive messages about one another in lovely heart shape designs that were later displayed on a large canvas, we also had fun games taking place. The event was a big success and a chance for public and employees of the building to come together and share kind words.

What’s one thing that makes Unity Place unique in your opinion?

Unity Place is different from all other corporate offices in Milton Keynes. There are no other banks in Milton Keynes where you can make a day of it and use the space. You can get a haircut, grab a coffee at the bakery and come back for an evening meal followed by a drink at a bar.

If you could give one tip to visitors coming to Unity Place, what would it be?

Try everything, even if you think you have… you haven’t, keep exploring, and get to know the wonderful guest services team we are here to help and can't wait to welcome you. 

Whether it's answering questions or offering assistance, Ula, Polly, and Olivia are here to make your visit enjoyable and memorable. Stop by and say hello to our wonderful team on your next visit!