• 06.02.24
  • 13:00
  • Unity Place

The Future of the Workspace Forum

Insider’s Future of the Workplace Forum will take a close look at what businesses want from their workspace, how they want to use it and what it needs to provide both the business and staff.

There’s never been a more important time to ensure your workplace is right for your business. Cost pressures, training and wellbeing issues and work-from-home culture are forcing companies to re-examine their office space.

With the help of businesses and experts this event will look at the key factors which affect the choice and design of workspace, including flexibility, sustainability, recruitment and retention, transport connectivity, productivity, placemaking and wellbeing.

Issues to be discussed at this event include:
- Flexibility and what it means to different businesses
- How design can improve wellbeing
- What amenities and provisions are needed
- The importance of transport connectivity
- How the workplace can impact on growth and productivity
- The role of ESG

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